It was the year 2010. I just returned to India for good… after a span of 7 years in United States. It was the time when I was hoping Entrepreneurship was not too difficult. I was believing that all it takes to be successful is to have a good product, do good marketing and that’s it. Boy… I was (over)confident. Having worked in a corporate culture for years, I knew how to setup a team and work towards a goal with multiple iterations in place. So, I am inclined to working in an agile framework.

I did not have a concrete product idea at the beginning. So, I opted to start with IT services. We developed web and mobile applications to my overseas clients, since the craze for mobile apps was at its peak. We also offered training to those interested in learning to build Android applications, multimedia, and graphics.

A couple of small newspaper ads for our training programs costed me a whooping Rs. 40,000… and to my surprise, those got me no leads. We had limited success in the training program, and had to bring it to halt after 1 year of its inception. I continued with my IT services business and that was slowly growing.

After a couple of years, I was yet to taste “growth by leaps and bounds” in the entrepreneurial world, and was disappointed with the speed at which things were moving. This was when my mentor said “Welcome to reality”. If only doing business is that easy… there would be no one working in full-time jobs. Time, effort and risk are the key ingredients that make Entrepreneurship special. I would also add “Innovation” to the mix for becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

In the year 2014, I found a pain point to solve for the retailer community, especially in India. Though tech has been critical for e-commerce and hotels, not much was being incorporated by an average retailer to engage with its customers. A retailer hardly keeps track of his customers in a CRM. What if there is a software that would help him interact with his customers in a non-obtrusive way. It was this thought that gave birth to our product THANK BUNNY.

My team and I created our first prototype and piloted with my good jewelery client. Soon after, we joined hands with Zoho Corp and built Retail ERP and CRM for retailers across the world. Before we knew it, we were catering to retail clients across several verticals. Meanwhile, we continued with our IT services and expanded our horizon to digital marketing as well. This is a great journey I had so far.

I realized that patience is the key for success. I strongly agree with Earl Nightingale that Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Success is not about the outcome; it is rather the process itself. Innovation is the secret ingredient that most successful entrepreneurs have. It is not necessary that we do different things, but rather do things differently.

Happily entrepreneur forever 🙂

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