Long story short… Here is my journey from the Land of glory to the Land of opportunities and back again. True story!

It was the year 2003 when I was preparing to take a new journey in my life. This journey will mark a paradigm shift in my lifestyle, the people surrounding me, my eating habits, my skills and my life all together. First time in nearly 2 decades of my life, I had a defined goal in time and space.

I would be traveling to “United States” to pursue my Masters in The University of Texas at Dallas for the next two years. Very obviously, I planned to work there for a few years post my education, in order to get a feel of its corporate culture.

The D-day has arrived, and my bags were all packed up tight. I, in-fact got an extra suitcase ready for the trip, beyond the standard 2 suitcases of 30 Kgs each that are allowed by Lufthansa Airlines. My mom had tears in her eyes, and was trying her best to put up a smile while I was leaving home. In the airport, I got my boarding pass and I met my parents for one last time before entering the security check. I promised my mom that I would return back to India after gaining 5 years of work experience in the States, and do frequent visits on a yearly basis. Finally, I boarded the flight with a determination to achieve big in life.

Being the eldest among my cousins, I would be the first to set the course for many, but I know very little and could hardly imagine what life in the States would be like. During my flight, I was pondering why I was doing this. I tried to define a clear purpose to my journey, and streamlined my thoughts on how I would achieve my goals.

I was also reading the book on the rags-to-riches stories of top 25 people in the world. I noticed one thing common in all those stories – Success is not easy to get without struggle. If miraculously someone gets success without struggle, that would be short-lived and less valued. The story of Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Larry Page are no ordinary stories. With grit and determination, they carved a space for themselves. I arrived at US and my journey into the unknown started.

I got an apartment in the college campus and made new friends, experimented with my cooking, juggled between studying and doing an on-campus part-time job, and buying groceries each week. On completing my education, I got my first job and from then on, it is a blast.

Fast forwarding to the year 2010… I completed 7 years of stay in United States. As promised to my mother, I returned to India for good and started to embark on a new journey into the world of Entrepreneurship in India. The part of my life in USA was filled with numerous life-events and I enjoyed the journey thoroughly. I learned to enjoy the process of getting success more than the success itself.

Every journey is important and will teach valuable lessons for the next leap of growth that is destined to happen in our lives. I am continuing to enjoy the process of becoming a better entrepreneur with each day…

This is Seshu Karthick, signing off. If you are able to resonate with my story, let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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