Social media has given to the common man, a powerful medium to spread his opinions and views regardless of how useless or useful they are.

I usually do not engage in social media conversations with respect to politics, religion or any personal topics. This is despite me having a strong opinion on all those topics, and a conviction that I am correct in my thought pattern.

Everyone is entitled to their personal opinions, and every one of us feel that we are absolutely correct. Furthermore, there is pride in what we believe in, and we as humans are naturally unwilling to accept a contrasting view point.

Unfortunately, social media has given a platform to spread any kind of opinions by fellow humans to the world. So, people with vested interests can misdirect the masses with their flawed use-cases or opinions. A common man with very little idea of the facts and complexities can now make remarks on subjects that are distant to his comprehending abilities. Thus, we see people’s opinions on everything without providing value in any way.

For instance, if I am headstrong about the activities of NASA (in USA), it does not make any sense coz I do not know Astronomy. Likewise, when people comment on stuff like Rafael deal, Doklam and other national security stuff… it is unwanted. Most of us know very little about government administration, national security, defense weaponry, etc. How are we even worthy of speaking about such topics over social media.

I believe, we need to stick to our strengths and should be limited in speaking about what we know. Let’s stay away from spreading gossips, hatred and non sense.

Though religion is an ocean by itself, we need to know the basics of it before commenting on it, especially for atheists and non-believers. It was when I read some crappy opinions by my FB friends on the religious practices without checking the facts, I realized the non-importance of social media. It just reminded me of a fools’ paradise.

In my opinion, an open discussion in social media on variety of topics is good, as it enhances one’s knowledge and understanding. Contrarily, making assertions and concluding without the necessary research is just bad.

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